For Attica Group, Corporate Social Responsibility is a key element of business consistency, governed by ethical criteria in operations, with respect to the society and the protection of the environment.

Attica Group is the only passenger shipping Company that systematically and consistently publishes Social Responsibility Reports and participates –since 2008- in the Global Compact, a UN initiative.

Through the years, our strategy has been steadily focused on maintaining practices that promote "Fair Entrepreneurship" in passenger shipping. In doing so, we have responded decisively, adopting a long-term perspective, to our Customers' requirements, and to the needs in connection with the development of our Employees, our multifaceted contribution to Society and the protection of the Environment.

Our Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility stems from both its core principles as well as from its self-commitment to standards and multi-stakeholder initiatives in the domains of social responsibility and sustainability.

Attica Group - Core Principles

  • Honest, fair, and transparent transactions.
  • High quality and innovation in the design of ships and the provision of services.
  • Growth and operation driven by the principles of healthy competition.
  • Merit-based approach to personnel, partner and supplier selection issues.
  • Respect to the environment and awareness of environmental issues.
  • Credibility, consistency and respect to our customers.
  • Emphasis on Corporate Responsibility


Over the years, our Group has developed a structured and targeted social program, with an emphasis on local communities, passengers, employees, the protection of the environment and ethical governance.

The Attica Group Corporate Social Responsibility initiative titled “With you as our destination” is people-centered. Our continuous and consistent efforts are focusing on the inclusion and integration of Corporate Social Responsibility in the notion of all our stakeholders and on our operation as an “Active Citizen Business”.

During the last ten years, Attica Group, through its companies Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries, discreetly, yet actively supports -among others- various Parents and Guardians Associations, Charities and Social Institutions, Churches, Cultural and Athletic Clubs, and the medical scientific society.

Furthermore, our Group supports various local communities, by covering their needs and requests, while -since 2006- Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries implement Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, designed to meet the needs of our islands’ local communities.

The Corporate Social Responsibility program of Attica Group does not reflect a haphazard approach with isolated random actions, but an initiative governed by consistency, stability and continuity. Aiming to cover the needs of the local communities, we focus on Sustainable Development in the domains of environmental protection, education, sports, culture and health.

As pointed out by Spiros Paschalis, CEO of Attica Group, in the 6th Edition of the Social Report: “There is no doubt that the Social Report is a decisively significant management and administration tool for the Group. This is why today we actively and systematically participate in various Corporate Social Responsibility policies and actions, in order to meet the international standards and be ready for our upcoming legal obligations. For all of us in Attica Group, opportunity exploration and development is a major priority, both in the Greek and the international market, that will primarily allow us to ensure that the Group is profitable for the benefit of its shareholders, employees and our national economy at large. Profitability is ensured through entrepreneurship, development, quality, economy, risk management, good reputation and competitive advantages. Our volunteering initiatives and practices that shape and complement our socially responsible operation will allow us to maintain and strengthen our market-leading position in the years to come.”

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