Invitation to an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders

The shareholders of Attica Enterprises S.A. are invited to an extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on Thursday, 14th October, 1999 at 10:00 hrs at DIVANI APOLLON Hotel, 10, Aghiou Nikolaou & Heliou str., 166 71 Vouliagmeni.


1. Issuance of bonus shares to existing shareholders through the capitalisation of share premium reserves.
2. Rights offering to existing shareholders.
3. Private placement to new investors and employees of the Company. The Private placement will require shareholder approval as the new shares which are the subject of the private placement will be placed on a non pre-emptive basis. Granting of Power of Attorney to the Board of Directors of the Company for the allocation of these shares, at its discretion.
4. Amendment of article 5 of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company referring to the share capital of the Company.
5. Approval for the replacement of one member of the Board of Directors and increase of the number of the Members of the Board of the Company to seven with the election of two more members.

The shareholders who wish to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders are kindly asked to:

· Pledge all or part of their dematerialised shares with their stockbroker or with the Central Security Depository and submit the deposit receipt to the Company not less than five (5) days from the day of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.
· Deposit their shares (if not dematerialised) at the Companys premises, 157 Alkyonidon Avenue, 166 73 Voula, or at the Deposits and Loans Fund or at any Bank in Greece, not less than five (5) days from the day of the Extraordinary General Meeting and submit to the Company the deposit receipt and any documents of representation within the same deadline.

Voula, 21th September, 1999

Ohe Board of Directors

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