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Attica group turnover rises by 26% in first quarter 2001

The Board of Directors of Attica Enterprises wishes to announce the consolidated results for the first quarter 2001, which show Sales of Grd 12.1 bln, increased by 26% over the same period of last year, and Net Profit after interest, depreciation and taxes of Grd 45 mln versus Grd 416 mln in the first quarter 2000.

The financial results of this year’s first quarter include depreciation charges of Grd 1.2 bln versus Grd 0.9 bln of last year’s first quarter and net financial expenses increased by Grd 1.4 bln over the first quarter of 2000.

The addition of four new ships in Attica’s fleet, three of them, Blue Star 1, Blue Star 2 and Blue Star Ithaki at the beginning of the summer 2000, and Superfast VI in mid-February 2001, account for the increased amount of depreciation and for higher interest paid.

In the same period, in terms of carryings, Attica’s Superfast ferries carried 15.3% more passengers and 12.8% more trucks in the total Greece-Italy routes and ranked first in passengers (market share 32.9%) and in trucks (market share 26.1%) among 35 ships, in the total traffic between Greece and Italy.

In the first quarter of 2001, Strintzis Lines, in which Attica Enterprises own 48.57% of the total stock, ranked second in market share in the Greece-Italy routes in the Adriatic Sea with a market share of 19.8% in passengers and 20.7% in trucks versus a 3rd place ranking in the same period of 2000.

In the domestic market, Strintzis Lines carried 18.9% more passengers and 45.4% more private cars compared to first half 2000.

Voula, 29th May, 2001

Ohe Board of Directors

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