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In today’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Attica Enterprises, it was decided:

  • Approval of the annual financial accounts and the annual consolidated financial accounts for the year ended 31st December, 2003 and submission and approval of the reports of the Board of Directors.
  • Discharge of the Board of Directors and the Certified Auditors from any responsibility for the year 2003.
  • Approval of the distribution of dividend of Euro 0.0558 per share.
  • Election of a new Board of Directors which convened and elected: Pericles S. Panagopulos - Chairman, Alexander P. Panagopulos – Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Charalambos N. Zavitsanos – Authorised Director, Yannis B. Criticos, Constantine E. Stamboulelis, Gerasimos D. Strintzis Executive Members, Charalambos S. Paschalis Non-Executive Member and Dimitrios I. Klados and Emmanouil E. Kalpadakis - Independent Non-Executive Members.
  • Appointment of DRM STYLIANOU S.A., a member of RSM International as Certified Auditors for the year 2004.
  • Change of Name of the Company to ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A. and of the Distinctive Title of the Company to ATTICA GROUP.
  • Adjustment of the Articles of Incorporation to the provisions of Law 3156/2003.
  • Addressing the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Attica Enterprises, Chairman of Attica Enterprises, Mr. Pericles S. Panagopulos, said: “The full liberalization of passenger maritime services in the Greek market will offer to us the commercial and financial basis on which to structure our future moves, with innovative initiatives, to which we have accustomed our investors. We are monitoring the evolution and development of the tourist industry as well as the trends and the new facts involving the transportation of goods within Europe. Within the Group’s prospects and goals lies the creation of new markets, new destinations and new opportunities. We do not cease to broaden our vision within the range of opportunities presented to us especially within the Mediterranean basin and in a pan-European scale where the recent enlargement of the European Union offers new possibilities. We are working on these issues and we hope to reach positive conclusions which we will announce in due time.”

    Voula, 3rd June, 2004
    Ohe Board of Directors