The Group’s policy is to keep shareholders and potential investors regularly informed about Attica Group and its subsidiaries. In so doing, the Group’s management maintains a policy of complete transparency in the dissemination of business and financial information. The Group (ATHEX: ATTICA, Reuters: EPAr.AT, Bloomberg: ATTICA.GA) encourages the development of relations of mutual trust, communication and exchange between itself and the international and domestic financial community. Financial accounts are published quarterly as well as statements to the press relating to issues that the Group’s management deems must be disclosed to the wider public. In so doing the Group upholds its commitment to the provision of information as the best means for the proper evaluation of the Group and its activities.

The Group’s senior management is frequently invited to present the Group’s activities and strategy to groups of institutional investors locally and abroad. Management believes this is the best way to accurately profile the Group and as such it often participates in investor conferences in Greece and abroad.